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Please determine your flirtyna® size by positioning the measuring do not edit tape at the upper end of your thigh. To achieve an optimal result we recommend measurements of both thighs. The smaller circumference is the correct size of flirtyna®.

flirtyna® thigh care is available in white, beige, beige with lace, rose and black, black with lace each in sizes 58 to 74 (centimeters).

Best to think of the leg on a step (20cm high) and put on the tape at the top of the thigh. The tape measure should ideally be directly under the buttock when reading.

Important note: flirtyna® thigh care is not deliverable single but only in pairs (for both thighs).

With an order of more than 3 pairs of flirtyna® shipping charges are free.

No extra costs on shipping to the EU and Switzerland

flirtyna® thigh care is a 100% German product. It is produced in our studio in Gummersbach, exclusively made of materials from German production and carefully handcrafted.

58 cm 58
60 cm 60
62 cm 62
64 cm 64
66 cm 66
68 cm 68
70 cm 70
72 cm 72

74 cm 74